What is Lead THE Cause?

Go Live Dare (SA) has partnered up with Dare2Share (USA) to bring you Lead THE Cause (LTC). This youth equipping event REINVENTS the comradery of summer camp, the outreach of summer missions, and the intimacy of a worship event to create a power-packed 4 day experience that will forever alter the DNA of your youth group.  

By adding deep gospel training along with strategic planning and vision-casting, your high school students will be transformed into life-long disciples who are not only passionate leaders for Christ’s mission but are also relationally equipped to share the gospel with their friends.

We invite churches in South Africa to RECHARGE their students and ministry by joining us in 2017 in a city near you.

Lead THE Cause (LTC) is a 4 day equipping event for high school students that transforms young believers into leaders and life-long disciples who are passionate for THE Cause of Christ and are able to relationally share the gospel, resulting in discipleship multiplication.

This event combines small and large group evangelism training and includes opportunities to engage unbelievers in different contexts.

At LTC, students are equipped with practical conversational skills and witnessing approaches. They leave with confidence, a passion for sharing their faith, and the leadership to train others.






Grow the faith of your students


Instil a biblical disciple-making model into your group’s DNA


Prepare your students for a lifetime of fruitful service and leadership



Build a Gospel Advancing ministry that has real Kingdom impact



Be a part of the leading edge of revival within the South African church


Lead THE Cause is a great way for you to inspire and equip your students to take their faith to the next level and provides a framework for them to understand what discipleship looks like, setting them up for lifelong, spiritual growth and health.

2016 Lead THE Cause Jozi Event

2017 Lead THE Cause: 3 cities – Durban & Johannesburg & Cape town.