4 Week Internship 

gosportsLive strategically and intentionally for 4 weeks.  We seek to Gospelize this generation and infuse the DNA of a Gospel advancing ministry where we will see young people wanting to live as Jesus lived and carry out His priorities in their lives. The 4 week internship will give you a greater worldview of missions and social needs here in South Africa, and a deeper relationship with our King and knowing His will for your life.  We dare you to grow deeper! WARNING: YOUR LIFE WILL BE FOREVER ALTERED 

This internship seeks to equip and mobilize those who feel called to Africa and give them an experience which allows for spiritual growth and using their gifting and passion for serving our Lord seeking to model His priorities in their life. You will be involved in varying degrees of ministry exposures. There will be opportunities to do some sight seeing and visiting safari parks, and dolphin viewing as well as Surfing lessons. This is a time of equipping and growth, if you love youth ministry and love South Africa then this is an opportunity for you. Here are 2 young people from our 2016 program: 

Tim Lovely  (Texas):

Tim Lovely - Texas

“South Africa? A journey that changed my life forever. I didn’t know what to expect as I got on the plane to leave, but I return humbled, grateful and blessed. Honestly I left for the trip not knowing my purpose in life. My friends that know me personally, know i’ve gone through my life going through phases. Running after God, but not 110%. The last month, God truly showed me the man he’s always planned for me to be. I learned to give everything to him. Literally everything. I… learned how to be intentional, relational, and a servant leader. I learned how to fall in love with Jesus. God is working/moving in so many ways in South Africa and I’m so grateful my team/community got to play a little part in it. Thank you to everyone who were on their knees everyday praying for us. Thanks again to everyone who supported us financially”. Tim Lovely “Unkulunkula Muhle” #‎GoLiveDare
1 John 2:6 Whoever claims to live in him, must live as Jesus did. ‘2016’

Hannah Smith (Texas):

Hannah Smith - Texas

” So I’ve been home for about 9 hours now. I know I should probably be sleeping because I haven’t really gotten to do that over the last two days, but oh well haha. I’ve been trying so hard to process all that’s happened in the last month. I’ve learned and seen so much. I’m extremely thankful for the time I had in SA. It was without a doubt the best month of my life. To say I’m sad that I left is an understatement– heartbroken is more like it. I’ve fallen so in love with this …country and its beautiful people. The Lord is working in so many ways and I was so blessed to be just a tiny part of it! One month just wasn’t long enough. However, how cool is it to know that God has uniquely placed us in our own spheres of influence solely for his glory?! While I wish I could still be in SA, I know that Jesus has me exactly where he wants me at the moment. I’m grateful that the mission never stops, and even more grateful that God uses broken people like me to be his hands and feet”.  Hannah Smith ‪#‎golivedare 2016



If you are interested Monday  12 June – 03 July 2017

Email: golivedare@gmail.com

Once we have received your e-mail we will contact you and send you an application form and give you the cost of the program and connect with you over Skype. We will also coach you through the process of raising funds and discuss flight details and the best options available. Follow us on FB and Instagram as well as Twitter.